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Sex Crime

Retired Judge Vic Cunningham is a powerful attorney that can effectively defend your constitutional rights and reputation in the face of sex crime allegations. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, our Federal Government and Texas sex crime attorney have the skill and the resources to provide a high level of defense you deserve. Retired Judge Vic Cunningham, who presided over more than 750 jury trials experienced and equipped for the best result for you and your family

Criminal offenses of a sexual nature are aggressively prosecuted and penalized in Texas and across the United States. They often garner media attention as well and may be used by ambitious law enforcement personnel or prosecutors who will spare no effort to obtain a conviction and maximum penalties in order to forward their own careers.

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Different Types of Sex Crimes – What is a Sex Crime?
There are many different types of criminal offenses classified as sex crimes.

Our firm represents clients charged with or under investigation for all types of sex crimes, including:

Indecency with, or sexual molestation of, a child
Indecent exposureLewd and lascivious acts
Making, viewing, or distributing child pornography
Prostitution or advertising prostitution services
Public sexual indecency

Sexual abuse of a child
Sexual assault
Sexual assault of a spouse
Sexual conduct with a minor
Sexual exploitation of a minor
Sexually motivated assault or unlawful imprisonment
Statutory rape (“consensual” sex with a minor)
Child pornography
Child molestation
Buying or selling of children for purposes of sexual abuse
Sexual exploitation of minors, including child pornography for importation
Transporting individuals for interstate or foreign prostitution or other sexual activity
Kidnapping or taking a minor (under the age of 16) out of state to entice, solicit, or engage in sexual activity
Sex trafficking

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